Tips to Keep Healthy While on Vacation

3 Jun


Today’s post is #3 out of 3 for our staying healthy while on vacation series. We have talked about why it’s important to exercise while you are away, and we have given you a hotel room workout. So today we have decided to give you some of our tips on how to stay healthy while you are away on vacation!

1.       Walk


Walk whenever possible. If you are going on a tour, take a walking tour. If you are going out on your own, try and walk instead of hoping on public transit. You would be surprised how much you can see by walking and you will be keeping active while doing your sightseeing!

2.       Watch the Drinking


People like to drink while they are on holidays, maybe it’s a couple drinks with dinner, or maybe it is an all-out booze fest at an all-inclusive resort. Either way, if you want to stay as healthy as you can while you are away – keep the boozing to a minimum!

 3.       Pack Healthy Snacks


When you are out and about on your holiday, pack yourself healthy snacks. Bring sandwich bags with you and fill them with veggies, fruit, nuts or seeds. We are pretty sure you can get each of those things in any grocery store around the world J. If you have your own healthy snacks with you, you will be less likely to stop somewhere and buy junk. It will also mean that you won’t be starving by the time lunch or dinner roll around, and therefore you’ll be less likely to over eat during those meals. Not to mention you will save money and time!

4.       Bring a Water Bottl

Water Pouring into Bottle

This is a super important one! We have talked time and time again about how important drinking water is for your health. There is no exception when you are on holidays. In fact, if you are walking around all day somewhere hot – you should be drinking even more water! Bring a tin water bottle with you and carry it with you everywhere you go. Fill it up before you go out for the day and if you stop at a restaurant for a meal, ask to see if they will re-fill it for you.

 5.       Balance your Meals

Let’s say you are in Florence, and you know that one night you are going out for a pasta dinner – that day, have a salad for lunch. Try and balance out your meals so they are not all super heavy, or fatty. Now when we say balance out your meals we DO NOT mean to not eat all day or only snack during the day. This is NOT GOOD. Not only is it super unhealthy, it will also mean that by the time you do sit down for your meal you will over eat because your body will be starving.

6.       Pick Active Activities


When building your vacation itinerary, try and incorporate some activities that have you moving around. For example, snorkeling, hiking or as we mentioned in tip #1 walking tours. We are not suggesting you only do activities that require aerobic activity but if you want to stay healthy we highly recommend doing some! On days when you are not doing something active, do a quick (yet efficient!) workout.

7.       Be Prepared


Being prepared starts with your packing. Make the commitment to yourself and your travel partner(s) to stick to an exercise routine while you are away. Plan out a few different workouts you can rotate through and pack workout gear, music and any small exercise equipment you can/need (for example resistance bands). If you arrive at your destination with a plan of action, you will be more likely to follow through. If you have workout clothes packed and running shoes ready to go – it will help to remind you that you need to exercise. Make a workout playlist ahead of time of songs that you know will get you pumped up!

8.       Be Wise When You Indulg


We are not so naïve as to think that people won’t (or shouldn’t) indulge while on vacation. We do understand what a vacation is, and we understand that indulging is part of the experience. When we were in Rome together a few years ago, we fell in love with gelato. But that doesn’t mean we had huge portions of it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s fine to indulge while you are on vacation, but if you want to stay as healthy as possible – be wise when you indulge. If you know you are going to have dessert one night, pass up the cocktail and split the dessert with someone. If you are going to have a pasta dinner, pass on the free bread and chose a tomato sauce over an alfredo. If you are going to have a delicious gelato, go for a walk after. These simple yet smart decisions will help you out!

Sadly this brings our 3 part vacation series to an end. We really enjoyed coming up with these posts, so we hope that you enjoyed reading them J. Hopefully you found some helpful information that you can put to use on your next vacation.

Let us know what YOU do to stay healthy while on vacation by commenting, emailing or tweeting us!

Safe travels!

S & L


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