The Importance Consistency

12 Jun


In our blog we often give tips on how to live a healthy and active life. One thing that goes above everything is consistency. If you want to make progress, and improve your fitness and overall health you need to be consistent – and that’s that!

This consistency needs to apply to both exercise, and healthy eating. You can have the best workout or nutrition program in the world – but if you aren’t consistent with it, you aren’t going to get very far now are you??

If you eat healthy 50% of the time and really terribly the rest, you will not improve your health to the degree you could if you ate well 90% of the time and kinda poorly 10% of the time or less. If one week you workout once for 30 minutes, the next you workout for 1 hour 5 days a week and then you take 3 weeks off – that is not consistent! You will not be able to improve your fitness this way.

Now when we say consistency, of course we don’t mean that you always have to eat clean, or that you should be working out nonstop. You need to give yourself breaks, and allow yourself cheats. What we mean by consistency is that health and fitness are a constant in your life. By exercising regularly and making healthy choices each day, you can make maintain consistency, meaning that when you do have  a doughnut or a dipped ice cream cone from DQ, it’s not a big deal because you know it’s a treat. If health and fitness are a constant in your life, you can enjoy life’s pleasures every so often, and not feel guilty about it.

How to be Consistent


This is why we are all about planning! Planning your meals and workouts in advance helps maintain consistency. It is much easier to eat clean if you know that you are having for each meal and have done your grocery shop accordingly. And it is much easier to stick with your workouts if you know what routines you are doing, when and where you are doing them and have scheduled them into your life.

If you are new to living a healthy and active life, we suggest taking things one step at a time to ensure you are able to maintain consistency. You may be super excited to start exercising and eating well –and that’s great- but, if you take on too much too soon – you likely won’t be able to keep it up and be consistent. Make sure that when you are developing your healthy eating and workout plans, you are developing something you know you can be consistent with. Once you have been able to maintain that consistency for a while (and start to see improvements in your health and fitness J) take it a little bit further because at that point in time you should be hooked into the awesomeness that is living healthy!

If you are finding that you are not being consistent with your healthy eating or exercise routine, take a step back and re-evaluate to figure out the real reason why you aren’t able to maintain consistency. Are your goals realistic? Are you getting bored of your workouts? Have you hit a plateau? Once you figure out what’s standing in the way of you and consistency – modify your program so that you can jump back in with two feet.



When you workout with  consistency, you will be able to gradually build up to higher levels of cardiovascular strength, strength training and flexibility. This gradual build is important because it will allow your body a chance to adjust to the new strains and challenges, and become stronger.

If you follow a consistent healthy eating and workout regime, it will also help reduce stress and increase your mental well being. After finishing a workout you have probably experienced a natural “high”- this is because when you exercise, your body releases endorphins that enhance your mood. I am sure you have also probably experienced low energy levels and a decrease in mood when you go a long time without exercising. If you stick to eating well and workout out regularly you will keep positive physical and mental feelings going.

Another huge benefit of consistently maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is that your body won’t yo-yo. There is nothing worse that falling off a program, packing on the pounds and then having to work twice as hard to get back to where you were. By being consistent with your regime, you will avoid this problem all together!


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