About Us

We are a young couple dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. We enjoy finding new ways to stay fit, and eat well. Scott is a teacher and a certified personal trainer and I am a certified fitness instructor and work for the Federal Government. Although neither one of us has an educational background in health or fitness, we have learned a lot through personal experience and continue to feed our brains with as much knowledge as we can.

Scott grew up playing hockey, while my passion was playing competitive soccer. We have been active our whole lives but over the past few years we have taken it to another level. We have worked out at various gyms in Ottawa while slowly creating our own home gym, and that home gym, my friends…is where the magic happens. Although most couples choose to work out separately, Scott and I workout together in our home gym on a daily basis. Although we are not always doing the same workout, we feed off each other’s energy, and push each other to give 100% every time. Working out together has added a new dimension to our relationship and has made our relationship stronger.

As our fitness has evolved so has the way we eat. Proper nutrition is essential to living a healthy life. Eating clean is a really important part of our lifestyle. Because of our exercise regime, we need to ensure we are fueling our bodies so that we can perform to the best of our abilities. We both love to cook (and eat)  and we have come up with many ways to use healthy ingredients and to make delicious and nutritious meals.

We decided to start this blog for a number of reasons, however our main goal is to provide people with information on health and fitness. Because neither of us have degrees in Kinesiology or Nutrition, some of the articles and blogs we read can be difficult to decode. We wanted to create a place where people like us could get the same information but in a more basic, understandable and enjoyable way. We in no means want to preach about how you should be exercising or what you should be eating because everyone is different. What works for us, may not work for you and vice versa. We simply want to share what we have learned and continue to learn through our experiences and research, and you can choose what you take away from it to find your balance

Exercise and proper nutrition are the two key factors to living a healthy lifestyle. We want you to be able to find useful information on these subjects in one place. BodyBalance is a one stop shop for all of your needs when it comes to health, fitness, nutrition and motivation.

Scott and Leila


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