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Healthy Summer Date Ideas

21 Jun


The weather seems to be getting nicer (knock on wood!) and today is the first day of summer. So we thought this was the perfect time to write a post about healthy and active summer date ideas!

Now of course you don’t want to go out with your hunny and do something that’s going to leave you sweaty and stinky…so here are some active/healthy date ideas that won’t leave you sweaty!



What a great way to enjoy a nice healthy meal together while enjoying the beautiful weather. Pack a healthy lunch with sandwiches, fruits, salads, veggies and dip then bring it to a park and sit down and enjoy it together.



Biking is actually a great date activity. And if you are going for a leisurely ride, you can ride side by side (wow I just felt like Dr. Seuss writing that line!) and talk as you ride. You can even bike to your picnic destination! You can also bike to a cute little coffee shop (where you will order your coffee without cream and sugar right?!) and sit outside and enjoy the sun. There are so many places you can get to on a bike –especially for those of you living in Ottawa. You wouldn’t believe how many bike paths we have. And if you are not aiming to be Lance Armstrong (without the doping of course) and go for a leisurely ride with your partner, you won’t be too sweaty.



Put on your hiking gear and a backpack with water and healthy snacks and head for the hills with your hunny. Hiking is a great way to keep your body moving and working hard.  It will also help build endurance and strength and it’s even more enjoyable when you do it with someone else!

Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is a great physical activity that builds strength. We think it’s a good Summer date idea because it really helps work on communication skills and building trust. When you are on the rock/wall you will be relying on your partner to not only hold you up and keep you steady, you will also rely on them to communicate with you in terms of where and how you can work your way up.  Open communication and trust are two key components of a healthy, functional relationship so why not work on them in a fun way?!

Boat Ride


Find a place where you can rent a boat – whether it be a paddle boat, row boat canoe or kayak. You will be sure to get a upper body workout (minus the paddle boat) while spending time together in a beautiful setting. You will have to work together to make yourselves go anywhere so it also becomes a great team work activity- and we definitely look at being in a relationship like being on a team.

Play Chef


Take turns playing Chef for one another. Plan out a healthy meal and prepare it for your partner. What a great way to show them how much you like/love them. Remember the saying ladies, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach! And if you want that to be a nice looking stomach that you could wash clothing on, I suggest preparing a healthy meal 😉 .

Go to the Beach


There is nothing better than a beach date in the Summer. You can get a good upper body workout by jumping in the water and swimming, you can go for a walk along the sand or toss a Frisbee or football. What a great way to spend some time together outside in a fun setting. Just don’t forget sunscreen, and a water bottle!

Water Park


They aren’t just for kids – grown ups can go too!! They always have super fun rides and you normally have to walk up a hill or stairs to get there – so you’ll be getting exercise without even realizing it! If you want to keep it a healthy date, pack your own lunch and steer clear of the hot dogs and pizza.



This may sound like a weird one, but doing yoga together can be a great summer date – especially if you take it outside! You can either do your own session at a park, look for a studio or teacher that offers outdoor sessions* or go to parliament hill Wednesdays at lunch and do it there! There are also some places that offer partner yoga*! Yoga is a great way to build strength and patience, clear your mind, and if you are doing partner yoga –team work!

We hope you like our Summer date ideas! Message us if you have any other great healthy and/or active Summer date ideas – we’d love to hear them!

S & L

  • If you are interested in doing yoga sessions outdoors check out *insert ciaras link*
  • If you are interested in trying a partner yoga class Cherry Blossom studios offeres classes on Friday nights at 7:00

How to Prevent Relationship Weight Gain

26 Apr

Sometimes when people are in relationships they can put on a few extra love pounds…This can happen because of many different reasons – this post is going to give you some tips to avoid putting on this weight!

1.       Eat In


There is nothing wrong with going out to dinner every once and awhile. But if you and your hunny are going out to eat on a regular basis you are definitely consuming a lot of unneeded empty calories. Instead of a romantic dinner in a restaurant, why not make a romantic dinner at home? Cooking a nice (and healthy!) meal together is a really great opportunity for you to bond and learn to work together as a team. Not to mention your waist line will thank you!

2.       Exercise Together


We exercise together almost every day and we love it! Exercising together will help deal with relationship weight gain for the obvious reason – you are exercising! But studies have shown that when you workout with a partner you are more likely to stick with it. When one of you doesn’t feel like working out, the other person will be there to make you J.  You don’t have to be doing the exact same workout, but you can do your workouts in the same space at the same time. Another great option is to find something active you both enjoy and do it together- for example a class, going cycling together or doing a workout disc at home. Not only is it a great way for you to support and encourage your partner – it’s also scheduled time together, so when life gets busy, you know you will still be getting some QT during your workout.

3.       Commit together


If your partner likes to snack on chips, drink pop and satisfy their sweet tooth with candy – it may be hard for you to resist adopting their poor eating habits. If being healthy is something that is important to you, why not make the commitment to adopt a healthy lifestyle together? If you are both on the same page, it will make sticking to it that much easier! It is important that you communicate to your partner what your goals are and vice versa. Having this information will help you work towards these goals as a couple. But if your partner doesn’t want to make this commitment and doesn’t want to change their bad habits, remember that their bad habits don’t have to be yours!

4.       Watch your Bites


What I mean by watching your bites is that it is important to keep in mind that because men have more muscle mass than woman, they need more calories. On average women need about 1, 200 calories a day whereas men need at least 1, 600. So ladies, when you are eating with your man remember that you don’t need to match him bite for bite! An easy way to make sure you are following this tip is to serve yourself less food than your partner.

5.       Stay Happy!


Happiness is definitely important to have in your relationship no matter what! If you are happy with your partner then you will have lower stress levels- and as we have written before, stress makes it really hard to lose weight! Remember that being a couple is like being part of a team – you need to work with your partner and not against them. Don’t be afraid to communicate your wants and your needs, and be open to listening (and hearing!) your partners.

6.       Stay Supportive


If you are in a couple it is extremely important that you support one another. If you and your partner have committed to being active and living a healthy life you need to encourage one another along the way. There will be days where one of both of you fall off the wagon or feel like giving up – but that is when one or both of you need to step up, be strong and offer encouragement. Being supportive in this aspect of your lives will help you to be supportive to one another in all aspects of your relationship – and that is one of the keys to having a positive, healthy relationship!

7.       Find New Ways to Celebrate

couple walking

Let’s face it; most celebrations involve some sort of cake, alcoholic beverage, unhealthy meal or some other form of junk food.  If you and your partner are celebrating an anniversary or some other occasion together– find something healthy to do as a couple instead of going out for a fatty meal, paired with a fatty drink, followed by an even fattier desert. For example, pack a picnic lunch, go for a nice bike ride together and enjoy your healthy lunch in a park. You will get quality time together while being active and you still get to enjoy a nice meal!

8.       Keep the Passion

Kissing Couple3

I am not going to go into too much detail for this one because my mom reads our blog…but it is no secret that sex burns calories…soooo…I think you know where I am going with this right???
– S & L